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Plan of Service

Long range plan and technology plan

                                                             LONG RANGE PLAN

This document, prepared by the Library Board, is the plan of what is going to happen at the library over the next few years. It shows what we set as priorities to meet the needs of our community.



GOAL 1:  The children of Lacona and the rural community will have collections and programs that stimulate their interest in reading and 



1. The number of children enrolled in the summer reading program will be maintained from year to year.

2. The number of circulations of children's materials will increase by 3% each year.



1.  The library will continue its summer reading program.   When: Annually.   Who: Board or Friends member.

2.  The Library will develop and implement a promotion plan for the summer reading program.  When: Annually, beginning in FY2006.  

     Who: Board or Friends member.

3.  The library will review, weed, and purchase materials in the children's collection to maintain currency and relevance. When: Annually.

     Who: Library Director.

4.  The library will investigate the possibility of starting a preschool storytime, and implement a regular storytime if feasible.  When:

     FY2006.  Who:  Library Director.

5.  The library will offer children's book discussion group for grades 4-6. When: FY2007.  Who: Library Director.


GOAL 2:  The residents of Lacona and the rural community will have the current materials and information that they require for

                recreational experiences.


1.  The number of circulations for adult materials will increase by 5% each year.

2.  The number of circulations for videos and DVDs will increase by 10% each year.

3.  The number of uses of public internet terminals will increase by 8% each year.



1.  The library will plan and implement at least one book discussion each year.  When:  Annually, in FY2006.  Who: Library Director.

2.  The library will review, weed, & purchase materials in the adult collection to maintain currency and relevance.  When: Annually. 

     Who: Library Director.

3.  The library will continue to purchase videos and DVDs that the public is interested in. When: Annually.  Who: Library Director.

4.  The library will develop and deploy a website  When: FY2007.  Who: Board/volunteer.

5.  The library will review the physical layout and appearance of the building & develop recommendations for making the space more

     comfortable and inviting for all ages.  When: FY2007.  Who: Board/Library Director.

6.  The library will develop and implement a plan for a community information center with a larger bulletin board and space for brochures

     of interest to the community. When: FY2007.  Who: Board/Library Director.


This document projects up to 5 years into the future and outlines the library's goals and objectives for maintaining and developing collections and services to meet the community's needs.  Development of such a plan usually involves the staff, the trustees, and the general public.  The plan responds to identified community needs.

                                                TECHNOLOGY PLAN

(Lacona Public Library technology plan is under construction)

very Iowa library that applies for the Universal Services Fund Discount Program for discounted telecommunications services must have an approved technology plan on file with the State Library of Iowa.  An approved technology plan should establish connections between the proposed physical infrastructure of the information technology and professional development strategies that will lead to library service improvements. Plans should cover at least three (3) years and include goals, strategies and budget information for three years.

Even if your library does not apply for E-rate discounts its a good idea to plan the use of technology for the future.

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.